Monday, May 30, 2016

Down the River and Through the Mountains...

We got a good start this morning, packing up, bringing the slides in and disconnecting the water and electricity. Leslie and Bill showed up in time to get some good-bye hugs and we were on the road by ten AM. We were soon across the border and heading into Oregon. We took the back road along the river through Hermiston, then picked up I-82.

We stopped at the Pilot near Biggs and added 72.5 gallons of diesel at $2.57 a gallon. Our eight cent a gallon with our RV Plus card gave us a $5.88 discount.

The drive through the Columbia Gorge today was absolutely beautiful. The sun was shining and most of the hills were very green. I thought maybe we'd see some of the mountain goats (sheep?) sunning on the cliffs (we did once), but no such luck. We just enjoyed the sunshine instead of the rain we've often had.

The traffic wasn't anywhere as bad as we had expected. The only time it even slowed was as we approached Portland, but it was mostly on the other side of the freeway. We turned south towards Salem on 205 and made good time there as well. We pulled into Hee Hee Illahee RV Resort in Salem just at 4 PM. We had gotten a call from the office earlier this morning saying they were going to close up at noon for the holiday. She told us she would leave our information packet and map at the Late Arrival box by the front door.

Sure enough, everything was just where she said it be. We had a pull-through site and got hooked up in record time. We did end up moving about six feet further towards the back of the site so that the tv satellite would latch on. I fixed the leftovers we had from dinner at Fujiama's the other night, so that was easy too.

We had a Skype visit with Granddaughter Havela and GGD Kahlyn - and even a few minutes with Ben. It was another good day.

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