Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Cable Connection

We spent time today looking for a place in Spokane could repair or make us a new safety cable for our tow bar for the hitch behind Auntie Violet that attaches to Toad II. I had searched for "Cables and Chains" on Safari and had addresses for five possibilities I found, all out in the Spokane Valley on Broadway.

The first place, Broadway Splicing and Supply, was a bust. The name was brushed over on the building and there was some kind of recycling business there, with bales of cardboard outside. We were luckier the next stop.  The next place on down Broadway on my list was Fastener Inc.  There was a line at the counter, but it moved fast. When it was our turn, I laid our broken cable on the counter and Forry told him we needed another just like it. The clerk gave us directions down the building and told us he'd meet us in the Rigging Shop.

The crew in the Rigging Shop quickly put together two new cables along with new clevises. They had an interesting machine that they said was Navy surplus from post World War II era. It used pressure to close the copper clamps on the cables that made the loops on the ends. It took less then half an hour and cost less than forty dollars. Good service and efficient and pleasant staff!

We got home in time to watch the Mariners 4 o'clock game with Baltimore that they won 10-0!

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