Monday, May 23, 2016

Traveling Day

It isn't so much the traveling that does us in as it is the packing up and disconnecting and hooking up. Then on the other end, it's the getting set up, unhooking Toad II and hooking everything back up again. The hitch for Toad II is heavy and as it was cold and rainy this morning, the bars didn't want to slide easily. I had to have Forry come do my side as I just couldn't move it, so that I could attach it.

Fortunately, it was only a short run today - 145 miles - from Ponderosa Falls to  Columbia Sun RV Resort in Kennewick. Forry had a totally wrong idea of where the RV park was, and argued with me - and the GPS - all the way through Kennewick. (We had looked at several Tri-City RV parks when we were making reservations and he was sure Columbia Sun was down alongside the Columbia River.) The park is on the other side of Kenniwick pretty much out in the country. It's a beautiful park. Nice wide sites with grass strips in between.

They had an escort in a golf cart who showed us to our site and backed Forry in. He was almost too helpful, trying to assist us to disconnect Toad II. We are so used to doing things in practiced tandem, it almost throws us off when someone tries to help...

It was 49 degrees and lightly raining when we left Ponderosa Falls. The sun was shining and the temperature was in the high seventies when we got to Kennewick! So much nicer. Forry napped until it was time for the Mariners game and supper.

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