Thursday, May 26, 2016


We've been putting it off for a long time, but I used the last package of meat in the freezer for the stir-fry I made for dinner last night. I had used the last of the frozen blueberries with my breakfast a couple of days ago and there were only a half dozen tablets left in our bottle of mature multi-vitamins. It was most definitely time for that dreaded trip to Costco.

It probably was not the best time to go. The parking lot was full and the carts were being grabbed as quickly as the workers brought them back. The check-out clerk said it probably because we were coming up on Memorial Day weekend and they would be closed on Monday. The Costco store in Kennewick is laid out a bit differently from the other Costcos we've been in. It took a bit of walking to get it all figured out.

I wasn't real happy with the meat selection. Steaks and chops were obviously cut very thick for barbecuing. I would prefer steaks cut about 3/4 inch thick rather then the inch and a quarter thick they were selling. I did get a tray of rib eye steaks and one of pork chops that I separated into individual freezer packages when we got home.

Forry's motive for going to Costco is always to get a Polish dog for supper. I got two Polish dogs, two drinks and two churros that cost me $5.43. I said to the clerk, "Where else could you feed two people for $5.43?" She looked at me and said, "Where can you feed one person for $5.43?!"

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