Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Another Day

Today was another quiet day. We had an appointment in the early afternoon in downtown Spokane. Since we were parked in River Park Square where the theatres are (on the top floors), we checked out the possibility of going to see Jungle Book. But other than one show at noon, there wasn't anything on until 4 o'clock and we didn't want to stay in town that long. Maybe tomorrow.

We did assuage our disappointment with a stop at Ben and Jerry's for ice cream. When I went to pay for parking, I discovered that somewhere in our running around, I had managed to lose the ticket the machine gives you when you come in. I thought I'd just have to pay the full day parking fee of $8, but  I had to fill out a "Lost Ticket Form" with the car description and license number as well as my driver's license. And still had to pay the $8!

Anyway we came home to watch the Mariners game. Unfortunately after beating the Orioles 10-0 last night, it didn't work that way today. They have an early game tomorrow - it's another day!

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