Saturday, May 7, 2016

Another Nice HOT Day

It was warm today. Warm enough that the clothes I washed this morning were completely dry by early afternoon. The grey tank was on the 4th bar when we checked it this morning, so Forry went out and drained it a bit before we took our showers. We did not want to drain the black tank until we leave on Monday (it was only at three bars anyway) and we wanted to be sure the grey water tank was full enough to flush it...

We watched the Kentucky Derby this afternoon and reminisced about walking on the track at Churchill Downs. It was fun to see the Winner's Circle that is only used for this race one time per year. We have got some good memories from our RV travels around the United States.

The Mariners game was on right after the horse race. It was a long one, going to the 10th inning before Robbie Cano hit a nice solo home run to end it.

Forry is still not feeling up to par. He's not as miserable as he was yesterday, but he still doesn't feel real great.

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