Tuesday, May 10, 2016

First Day in Spokane

We decided last night to bite the bullet and get our lab work taken care of today. Since we needed to be fasting for the blood draw, we had to remember not to eat breakfast. That also meant NO coffee! I've actually heard that you can get away with drinking black coffee, but I'm old school enough to take fasting literally...

There was no one waiting when we checked into Group Health's lab kiosk. I didn't even have a chance to sit down before I was called in and Forry was called into the second chair about thirty seconds later. The tech was GOOD! She went for my antecubital vein and had her vials drawn before I could even say ouch! The gal who did Forry's was just as good. It was almost a pleasure. Almost.

After picking up some prescriptions at the pharmacy, we drove over to Frank's Diner for a late breakfast. We were seated in the old train car right away. From what the waitress said, it was quite a change from yesterday when they were still dealing with the crowds from Mother's Day and WSU graduation. She said it had been an hour and a half wait. Forry indulged in his favorite, biscuits and gravy while I manage to eat half of the "small" plate of French toast.

We probably should have gone grocery shopping, but at that point we were ready for home and a nice nap. I spent some time looking for a hotel room in Leavenworth as we have decided (Cleon twisted my arm) to go to the Menno/Warden Retreat. It's been a couple of years since we've been at Camp Camrec and I'm anxious to see all the changes that have been made. Since we no longer own sleeping bags, we'll sleep down at Leavenworth and travel back and forth to the camp.

Son-in-law Scott called last night with the sad news that production of the play he has written that was supposed to debut in Bellingham the next two weekends, has been cancelled. He said the "official" reason was that the producer/lead actor had health issues. (We got an email this morning from the producer saying "his blood pressure was dangerously high"...) I feel really bad for Scott. He has been working on this for so long. And for Granddaughter Claire, who had a leading role.

We surrendered to our desires tonight and went into Gordy's Szechwan for supper. We had been thinking about going there Saturday night to celebrate our anniversary, but since we will be in Leavenworth... Gordy's is one of our favorite places. I had read in one of their Facebook notes about the extensive remodeling they had done this winter (new floors, paint, new restrooms and air conditioning!) and was a bit concerned. But the food is as good as ever, the ambience is just a bit brighter.

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