Monday, May 9, 2016

Monday Moving Day

It was decidedly cooler this morning, which was nice for putting hoses away and getting ready to move. Forry has started doing more of the necessary tasks. This morning he drained the tanks and put the TV satellite down, put the sewer and water hoses away. It's good to have him back to helping, but after having done it all myself for most of the spring, it takes some getting used to. We had bought a couple of folding stools while we were in Moses Lake that are lightweight and easy to carry. Forry can sit while he's doing stuff - makes it easier on his back.

I do have to be more careful and a bit more thoughtful to make sure we get everything done. I tend to be very methodical, doing things in the same order. A couple of times this morning, I went to do something and Forry had already taken care of it... I think we're going to have to make sure we are communicating well!

We had planned to hook up Toad II after we left the campground as the folks across the road from us had their truck parked in front of their site (the sites are short) and Forry thought it would be an awfully tight turn to miss it. But, they were speedier than we were and had actually already left by the time we were ready to go. So we hooked up Toad II right where we were and had no problem leaving.

It was a good thing it's only around a hundred miles from Pier 4 in Moses Lake to Ponderosa Falls near Spokane as we had a head wind most of the way. It wasn't the pleasantest driving for Forry as he fought wind gusts the whole way. We even stopped at the Schrag Rest Area to take a short break.

Since there are so many pine trees in this part of the country, it's often hard to get a site where we can get satellite reception. The lady at the desk assigned us B9, which she said had a clear shot of the sky. But when we got down there, the site was already occupied! When I called the office, she said to let her know what site we end up at. We tried B10, putting up the disk to search for a connection, but after 15-20 minutes of searching, there was nothing. So we made another loop around the park (you can't back up with Toad II attached!) and tried B8. This time we went ahead and put the jacks down and plugged in the water and electricity, thinking that we'd just do without TV if we had to. But it made the connection and we are happily watching the Mariners and the Astros. The Ms are currently leading 5-2, life is good.

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