Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Busy Day

I spent most of the morning on the computer and the phone taking care of and paying monthly bills. It is relatively fast process compared to how long it used to take me to write checks, address and stamp envelopes and get them in the mail. The credit union's Billpay is one of my favorite things.

The low air light went on in Toad II on our way to church Sunday. Forry wanted to go into the Moses Lake Les Schwab Tire store today to have the tires checked. I did not want to go - there are things I could be doing at home. But as usual, that man talked me into going with him (I never have been able to resist his cajoling...).

The gal at the counter at the tire store said it would be about a fifteen minute wait, but it was more like an hour later when they finally got Toad II into the shop. The poor tech couldn't figure out how to open the car doors with the key fob and had to come get Forry. (It's the kind that all you have to be is have the key fob in the vicinity to unlock the doors.) Once they got it in the bay, it only took them about fifteen minutes to rotate the tires and add air.

We were getting very low on k-cups for the coffee maker, so stopped by Safeway to get some, plus a few other things. We gassed the car, getting 80 cents a gallon off with my Safeway points. We ran into Pastor Matthew in the store and confirmed he will be stopping by for a visit on Friday afternoon.

It was after five thirty by the time we were finished, so we stopped by KFC and picked up a couple of their $5 special two piece dark meat dinners for supper. I hadn't bought very many groceries, so it wasn't too much of ordeal to get them in the house and put away.

It's been a nice hot day today and the Mariners are leading Oakland 8-1 in the 8th. Life is good.

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