Friday, May 27, 2016


We finally managed the good night's sleep and sleeping in that I have been looking for all week. Forry and his CPAP finally settled back down and we both slept well. It's been chilly the last few nights - enough so that the furnace kicks in every once in a while. That makes for good sleeping conditions.

The park is gradually filling up. There seems to be lots of large trailers coming in for the holiday weekend. A couple of young women in a golf cart came around towards evening and stuck an American flag in the grass at every site.

The couple that were parked in their trailer next to us with their two young daughters packed up their barbecue and lawn chairs, bikes and scooters into their pickup and pulled out with their trailer early this afternoon, but left their SUV behind. It's still parked next to us and the site is still empty. Not sure what the story is.

I am enjoying the longer days. It's almost 8:30 and it's just starting to get dark outside. It's the best part of summer!

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