Sunday, May 15, 2016

Home Again

After a rainy trip home, we arrived back at Ponderosa Falls a little after four. Forry figured it was late enough to stop for dinner, so we made a McDonald's stop (first one this year!) as we turned the corner towards the RV Park.

It had been a good morning. We got back to camp this morning a few minutes before the chapel service. A half dozen more people arrived for the day this morning, mostly from the Warden church. A few of them were folks we hadn't seen for several years. It's always fun to catch up on college careers of young people we first met at Camrec at youth camps.

Cle and Reed had set up a make your own taco bar for lunch with a variety of fillings. We spent more time visiting as well as filling out tummies. I snagged a couple of cans of Pepsi from Cle's stash for the trip home, we loaded up Earl's suitcase and bedroll and were soon on the road. It rained sporadically most of the way back to Ponderosa Falls, with nice showers as we went by the ranch. Even though it is not yet June, I think this rain qualifies as what my Dad used to call "a million dollar rain."

We dropped Earl off at his car in Ritzville and drove on to the RV park, arriving a little after four.  It was good to be back home after a lovely weekend.

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