Tuesday, May 30, 2017

A Let Down Day

After our very busy three day weekend, I definitely planned to sleep in this morning. But, our neighbor decided he needed to rev up his motor bike so that he could get it up the ramp onto the carrier on the back of his pickup. He was having trouble, but the maintenance guys were out loading fallen branches into a wagon so that they could mow the lawns. They came over to help him - it turned out to be a very noisy production. Since Forry doesn't sleep with his hearing aids in, he didn't even hear them...

Since it was so hot all weekend, we had a pile of very sweaty dress clothes. I spent a good share of the day doing laundry. I boiled some pasta early on and made a salad with more of the Walla Walla green onions, some grape tomatoes and a cucumber. I added some corn on the cob along with some Maryland crab cakes I had in the freezer for a pretty good supper.

About four o'clock our sunny day began to become overcast. All of a sudden there were angry black clouds and wind gusts. We had a few drops of rain and some dust and that was about it. I think we only got the edge of the thunderstorms that were predicted. It did drop the temperature considerably and we are having a pleasant evening.

And the Mariners beat the Colorado Rockies for the second day in a row!

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