Friday, May 5, 2017

Birthday con.

The thunder booms and the hard rain woke me suddenly about 3 AM! The noise was incredible. I walked out into the living room of the RV that was lit up almost like daylight! There were constant flashes of lightening on both sides of the coach. It was scary enough to make me hesitate to go to the windows on either side. The raindrops were pelting so soundly on the coach roof, I almost couldn't hear the thunder. I watched the show for a while, then a little spooked, I went back to bed - Forry hadn't even awakened! (Though he says he thought he had heard the rain in the night...)

Mid-afternoon, we drove over to the parsonage at Menno to greet our new interim pastors and their family who drove over from Payette, Idaho with them. The Hersheys made several stops on the way to make sure Lyn got out and walked around as he is only a couple weeks post hip surgery.  As a result it was almost four-thirty when they arrived. It is so nice to have them finally here!

From the church we headed over to Brother Pat and Cindy's to continue my birthday celebration. Pat had barbecued ribs to which Cindy added fresh asparagus with hollandaise sauce and cheesy potatoes! It definitely was a feast! Niece Becky and her family, Niece Ashley and her family, and Nephew Nick  were there as well. I was surprised with a bouquet of flowers, a luscious smelling candle jar and a quilted wall hanging. All totally unexpected and a delight. Becky also picked a lovely bouquet of purple and white lilacs for me to take home. The biggest surprise - Cindy, who claims she is not a pie baker, made scrumptious three-berry pies for dessert! Cute little Greatniece Kiera tried very hard to help me blow out the candles on the pie.

Life is good! Life with family is very good!

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