Tuesday, May 16, 2017

What a Day!

It was a busy one. We awoke to a rain shower and dealt with showers off and on all day long. We headed for Ritzville fairly early and stopped at a nursery called Boxwood to order a plant for our friend Colleen who had knee replacement surgery last week. They had a cute set of succulents planted in a cigar box that I thought she'd get a kick out of.

Our next stop was at Starbucks to have coffee with Danny. We had originally planned to have breakfast while we were there, but had forgotten that we were supposed to be fasting for our blood work later, so ended up just having coffee as we visited. Dan has recently started at Starbucks as a Shift Manager. It was so busy when we got there, we didn't know if we'd get to visit, but it slowed enough to enable us to catch up with this delightful young man.

Our first stop when we arrived in Spokane was at Kaiser Permanente, formerly Group Health. Our primary care doctor had already ordered the labs, so we were quickly in and out. We went to the downtown Starbucks and finally got breakfast. Forry had an appointment at the dermatologist for his annual skin check, I got a haircut while Forry got a beard trim, and we made a Costco run.

I had texted Colleen to see if she was up for a short visit on our way home from Spokane. Her Daughter Nicole, who is here from Idaho "helping out" post Colleen's knee surgery, invited us to come and stay for dinner! I offered to pick up "takeout" for everyone, but she said she was already cooking. And was she ever! We had chicken with orange sauce, quinoa and a tomato and cucumber salad. It was all delicious and we had a good visit as well.

It was dark when we got home and unloaded our Costco goodies. The Mariners were playing Oakland, so we settled in to watch the last few innings.

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