Thursday, May 4, 2017


Lovely sunshine this morning! Actually, it got HOT today! It was over 90 degrees. Yesterday it was in the sixties. That's too hot too fast. My poor little pea plants got all crispy even though they were nice and wet. I think everyone is ready for warmth. A couple of ladies at Koffee this morning even had shorts on - though I heard several comments about white leg syndrome...

It's fun to wake up on your birthday and start seeing birthday greetings on Facebook. First the early ones from folks on the east coast, then you can almost follow them across the country to the west. I don't think I'd ever have gotten that many snail mail birthday cards! I've talked with all three of our children and Leslie and Bill  today and Skyped with Granddaughter Havelita. It's been fun just touching bases with everyone.

The heat was all across the state today. About four o'clock we started seeing reports on TV of thunderstorms and lightening in the Tacoma/Olympia areas. The storm gradually came east. We thought it had passed us by, but about nine o'clock we started seeing flashes of lightening. It didn't last long, lots of light and noise and a brief, but hard rain shower. It brought the temperature down a bit, but now it's sticky out.

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