Sunday, May 28, 2017

Family Time

Pastor Jeanie spoke this morning of how we come together on a Sunday morning as a family that gives support to each other. We were delighted this morning to have our friends Darryl and Linda show up at Menno to worship with us. They were on their way home back to Maple Valley after having been in Alberta, Canada helping family.

After church we headed back to Moses Lake, made a stop at Safeway, then headed over to Brother Pat and Cindy's home. We watched the last few innings of the Mariners game with the Red Sox - which the Mariners won! We spent a bit of time cutting up mushrooms, peppers, little potatoes, Walla Walla onion trimmings, as well as shrimp and chicken, then put them on wooden skewers. Actually, Pat and Cindy did almost all the work while I "supervised..."

Nephew Jared and his wife Becky came over later in the afternoon from her parents where they had been helping build fence. Their two children were over playing with their cousins, but soon Niece Becky and David showed up with all five kids. It was such a lovely day that we were able to eat outside. Pat put all the skewered goodies on the barbecue - they were so tasty!

It's been a lovely day.

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