Thursday, May 18, 2017

Another Laundry Day

I had gone to bed early last night - didn't even stay up to watch the end of the Mariners game! And this morning I slept in. I was sort of thinking I didn't enjoy going to the Thursday morning Koffee Klatches much anymore since they seem to have morphed into gripe sessions. It is interesting how the dynamics change as different ladies come and go. There are a couple returnees who spent the winter in Arizona that I swear don't have anything positive to say about anything or anybody.

I had a good visit on the phone with Sister Sherry. For a change, the phone line was clear. The rainy weather we have been having has not been good for the old phone lines in Touchet.

Once we were up and fed, I started on the laundry. We've been in town a lot, so there seems to be more  items in the wash. We also had company over the weekend, so I managed to get more things dirty. We are planning to go to Oregon this coming weekend, so I needed to make sure we had enough clean clothes for that as well. I ended up with four loads of laundry. The clothes drying rack is full!

Safeway had some fresh ears of corn yesterday (from California) that I fixed for dinner. I sliced up an apple in some avocado oil, then added a couple of pork chops to the pan. After they browned, I added some white wine and simmered them while the corn cooked. Turned out to be a pretty good meal to finish off a pretty nice day.

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