Monday, May 22, 2017

I've Been Quirkeled!

Granddaughter Kyra convinced us we didn't want to head home yesterday afternoon since it had already gotten fairly late. We had walked a couple of blocks over to an El Salavadorian restaurant that they all liked. The food was wonderful - I had crab tacos! - but they were short-handed. Service was really slow, so we didn't get back to Daughter Dawn's very early, hence the decision to remain another night.

When we got home, Son-in-law Todd suggested we play a game of Quirkel. Never having heard of it, we agreed. Playing games with the grandkids is always a riot. It is so interesting to watch Grandson Micah's analytical mind at work. He has an incredible memory and he's also very lucky! Kyra ended up letting him make her moves for her. Quirkle is sort of a cross between Scrabble and Dominos. If you can line up six different designs of the same color, you've made a Quirkel! It's a fun game.

We slept in a bit this morning. Dawn was off to work, Micah and Todd were off to school. We woke Ky up to see us off and headed out. It's a long way from Keizer, Oregon to Sun Desert RV Park. And it was a hot drive. Every time we stopped to take a break, it was hotter. It was 91 degrees outside when we got home! And 98 degrees inside Auntie Violet! I promptly turned on the A/C and then we both took a nap. It was a good weekend.

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