Monday, May 8, 2017

Trips to Town

You would think we could get everything we needed to do in one or two trips to town. But we ended running into Moses Lake this afternoon to do a couple of errands. Sure messes up my idea of a lazy day!

It was another lovely day today. The sun was out with just a few clouds meandering across the sky. I think it got up to seventy degrees. The birds had emptied another sock of nyjer seed and there were none of them around. I took out and hung a new bag - and there they were! I swear they have scouts out.

The weekend may be over, but there are still a great many boats out. I didn't think there were quite so many fishermen in the world and I think a good share of them are around the Potholes. The swallows and the cormorants are both back. Seems like every year the swallows show up near my birthday.

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