Saturday, May 20, 2017

Peonies and Hostas

This afternoon, Daughter Dawn, Granddaughter Kyra and I went on a flower drive. We went to a peony farm that had the most gorgeous flowers. Many different peonies of many different colors were in bloom. I did not know that there were yellow peonies! There were at least six different versions of yellow and many multi-colored bushes that I was able to post on Facebook. Many of the bushes on display were crosses between the familier bush peonies and tree peonies. This has resulted in a whole lot of new colors and shades. This garden was immaculately maintained - not a weed to be seen! Their display gardens were gorgeously landscaped with lot of benches and sitting areas. Prices ranged from about twenty dollars per plant to over two hundred!

We went a few miles further to a hosts and shade plant farm. There was a greenhouse with a hundred or more different hosta plants large and small. They also had a display garden with many interesting plantings of shade loving plants.

This evening we celebrated Forry's upcoming birthday with a peanut butter chocolate pie. We had had a good supper with sausage (both apple and mango), roasted fingerling potatoes and broccoli and coleslaw. It was made even better by being able to sit outside and eat. It was another lovely day.

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