Tuesday, May 2, 2017


The sun was shining when we woke up this morning! How much nicer it is to wake up to blue skies instead of grey ones.

Fairly early we spotted Park Manager Louie out with a wagon picking up the many branches that had fallen during Sunday's nasty windstorm. The willow trees, especially, shed an awful lot. He definitely had a wagon load. Later we heard noise and here came Louie once more, this time on the big lawn mower. The nicest two things about this RV Park are all the trees and the expanses of lawn. It definitely is a pretty place.

I hung another bag of nyjer seed on the little tree by the patio. The little red house finches showed up first, then the brightly colored gold finches. I wonder if they send out scouts? The bag on the tree had been empty when we came home Sunday afternoon. I didn't see any birds flying by or checking on the empty bag. But when I hung the full one today, they were there within fifteen minutes!

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