Saturday, May 13, 2017


We kept in touch by Facebook's Messenger, so we knew what kind of progress our friends Leslie and Bill were making as we impatiently awaited their arrival. They left Bothell this morning and came over to the east side via Snoqualmie Pass. We had seen reports of snow on Stevens Pass, but they said all they got on Snoqualmie was rain.

I had made reservations at Simmer, a restaurant in Moses Lake that Brother Pat had taken us to a few weeks ago. It was just as good tonight as it was then. A couple of us had "Duck in the Woods," Forry had chicken and waffles, and Leslie had a salmon risotto. The duck had morel mushrooms, fiddle neck ferns and sea beans - such fun spring flavors! The ferns and sea beans were firsts for me - I really liked them. The chef explained that the beans were actually grown in the ocean which is what gave them their delightful saltiness.

Update: Both of our friends who had knee surgery this week are now at home and according to all reports are doing well.

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