Thursday, May 25, 2017


So much for the forecasts saying we were going to have sunshine through until after the holiday. It was very overcast all day and actually felt like it might rain. There was still a certain amount of wind, but nothing like what we have had the last couple of days. By late afternoon it began to clear off and we actually had a bit of sunshine.

There was not a lot going on here today. I did a bit of cleaning around the shower, but that was about the extent of any work. I used the egg cooker from Sister Sherry to hard boil some eggs, boiled a few potatoes and chopped up a couple of the Walla Walla onion thinnings and some celery (for crunch since I didn't have any radishes) and made some potato salad. Like Sherry says, it's not time for potato salad until the WW onions are here.

A box of mail from Daughter MM in Mount Vernon arrived this afternoon, so now I have my meds. I really needed them, but certainly didn't need, nor want the bills she sent as well.

The Mariners played this morning early as a terrific rainstorm was predicted this evening in the Washington DC area. And the Mariners won! It was a very good day.

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