Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Laundry Day

I started on the laundry fairly early this morning. It's all on the rack in the living room drying. It seems like it didn't dry very fast today, even though it was quite warm. Forry said it got up to almost 80 degrees. It's pretty humid, maybe that's why things are taking so long to dry.

I spent a bit of time on the the computer typing up the notes I took at last night's Board meeting for Cleon. I had written notes on the paper agenda so I just went ahead and typed them in on a copy and sent them off.

There are a pair of large ravens who have a nest over in the large fir trees up by the mobile homes. We saw them hauling twigs and sticks for nest building earlier and now we see them gong back and forth with food. The ladies said at Koffee last week that they had been seen raiding the nests of the smaller birds  and taking their eggs. I know they are continually chased by the little birds. They are not very well liked!

The Mariners played the Phillies this morning (an afternoon game back east). It was a fun game to watch. So nice to see them winning! They won both games in Philadelphia. Now they're off to Toronto tomorrow.

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