Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Wind Storm

Yesterday's Severe Weather Warning meant what it said! The wind blew all night! And all morning! And all afternoon! And it's still blowing!

The temperature has dropped as well. It was 63 degrees this afternoon. Quite a change from the almost 97 degrees we had yesterday. I think this weather has no idea what it's supposed to be doing!

I was on the phone yesterday with the mail order pharmacy that Keizer Permanante uses. They had sent my prescriptions to our billing address in Mount Vernon instead of Othello as I had instructed. After I talked with both the pharmacy and customer services and expressed my displeasure, they finally agreed they would resend them here - and assured me they would get mailed out immediately. So this morning I get a call from a pharmacy tech saying they could not refill the prescription until July 8th as it was too soon for a refill! I was not a happy camper! After I rather strongly suggested she should clarify the order with customer service, she said something to the effect "Oh, that's why there was a note attached to the order..!" Grr!

Tried making some beef kabobs for supper. I had bought some nice thick sirloin steak from Costco that I cubed and then marinated in soy sauce, lemon juice, oil, worcheshire sauce, salt and pepper. I strung the marinated meat on skewers with some of the little sweet peppers, a couple of the Walla Walla onion thinnings and a cherry tomato. I grilled the laden skewers on my Cuisinart Grill. They turned out pretty good, I think I'll try them again.

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