Thursday, June 16, 2016

A Day of Doctors

It was one of those days! It seems we sort of went from one doctor's office to the next. We started with early morning appointments at the eye doctors. The opthmalogist we have gone to for many years at Group Health has moved on, so we both saw new doctors. The one I saw was a retired doc who had come back to help out until they were successful in recruiting a new doc. She was very pleased with how my eyes were looking two years post cataract surgery,  but scolded me for not coming in last summer...

Forry, on the other hand, got exactly the news I had expected. He has always had eagle eyes, seeing things way before any of the rest of us. He's not been seeing road signs as far away as usual. Sure enough, the time has come for him to have his cataracts taken care of. So I guess that's the next set of appointments we set up.

This afternoon we went to Northwest Orthopedic Specialists to see the hip specialist's PA that Dr. Powers had recommended. They took x-rays of his hips and knees. His right hip and his knees are all pretty arthritic, but it's his back that hurts. After going through a range of motion stuff that didn't cause hip or knee pain, the PA concluded that replacing them at this point might do more harm then good. Recommended that he come back in a year so that they could follow the progress of the arthritis.

A bit ago, while there was sunshine on the left side of the coach, a thunderstorm moved through on the right side. Thunder, lightening and big rain drops. Within ten minutes, it had moved on and all is quiet.

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