Friday, June 24, 2016

Rainy Day

It was overcast when we got up this morning. First, we had a couple of brief showers, then it settled in to a steady rain for the next six hours or so. Towards late afternoon it started to taper off and by sunset, there were only clouds along the horizon. Of course, it meant it was a chilly damp day...

We talked about loading up all the recyclables that Forry has piled up and going over to the Waste to Energy plant, but that didn't happen either. We just sort of vegged out most of the day.

Daughter MM posted more pictures of Grandson Varick's Cadmus Team at the NASA pool in Houston this morning. They had their first run with the robot in the pool today. Sounds like they may have had a bit of trouble with the robot's camera. We'll have to wait to hear all their stories when they get home.

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