Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Finally, Back to Spokane

Well, actually to Cheney and Ponderosa Falls RV Resort. Ponderosa Falls is part of the KM Resort properties, so we can stay here without charge for two weeks at a time.

It was harder getting up this morning and getting going. It was eleven o'clock by the time we left Boardman. We followed I-84 to I-82 East, then 395 North. We made a stop at The Mercantile on 395 and bought some Chelan cherries and some beautiful apricots along with some maplenut fudge and an chocolate peanut butter ice cream cone for Forry.

The overcast day we started with turned into blue skies as we crossed the Columbia River into Washington State. There were dark clouds floating around, but we never caught up with them.

After taking a nap break at the Rest Stop by Sprague Lake, we pulled into Ponderosa Falls just before  five o'clock - 9 minutes before the office closed (as the girl behind the counter was quick to tell us). It didn't take us long to get parked and set up. We quickly set up the satellite so that we could watch the Mariners game that was already in process. They were ahead at that point, but ended up losing by one point....

Oh well, tomorrow is another day - with lots of appointments.

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