Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Peaceful Pines

Today we moved. Not very far. We didn't bother hooking up Toad Ii,.I just followed Forry over to Peaceful Pines RV Park on the other side of Cheney. It was only ten or twelve miles from Ponderosa Falls. We got a nice welcome from the young couple who manage the place, saying they had missed seeing us last year. I explained that due to Forry's back surgery, we hadn't moved around much. It's obvious they have done a lot of work on the place in the couple years they've been here. Besides some new sites, there were nice new electrical boxes.

It was just about noon when we arrived and it was HOT! I had my bandanna headband on and it was soaked through. We have a back-in site that cannot get satellite reception. We have this site for tonight, then tomorrow, after the present folks leave, we'll move to a pull-through site where we've parked before and know we can get reception.

We badly need to get groceries, but we were tired after moving and setting up, so will wait for another day. I scrounged some marinated artichoke quarters, palm hearts and stuffed olives to serve with the last package of shrimp I had in the freezer and we made do for supper.

We talked briefly with Daughter Mary Mae last night. She and Scott and Varick had flown in, tired and happy from the NASA pool Robotics competition in Houston. They isn't know their final team score yet as only the very top teams were recognized at the Saturday night festivities at Galveston Island.

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