Thursday, June 9, 2016


I am one tired lady tonight. Havela and Kahlyn arrived about 10 AM this morning with Kahlyn still in her jammies. She helped me eat my breakfast bagel, then was quickly back to exploring every inch of the motorhome.

Havela had an appointment at the clinic this afternoon, so we got to have Kahlyn all to ourselves for several hours. She is such a busy little girl! After a couple of hours of playing, she fell asleep sitting on my lap. she just needs to hold still long enough for her eyes to close and she's out. After her nap, she shared a cheese stick and half an apricot with GGrandpa.

Later I gave them each a ginger snap cookie. It puzzled the little one for a bit until she figured out she couldn't break it with her fingers, she had to bite a bit off. Then she thought it was funny.

After Havela returned, we moved the baby's car seat to our car so that GGrandpa could take Kahlyn over to Daughter Dawn's house while Havela and I took her car to the grocery store to pick up some vegetables for supper. We also picked up some juice and treats for little Kahlyn for when she is at our house. Then we too headed for Dawn and Todd's for dinner.

Todd's parents, Jerry and Janny had arrived this afternoon from Idaho, so we had a chance to visit with them while enjoying dinner. It was another very good day!

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