Sunday, June 26, 2016

A Very Busy Day

I was up early to get the oven heated so that I could stick some frozen raspberry turnovers in the oven for breakfast. We had time to eat and have a cup of coffee before we had to get ready to head down to Menno for church. It was a lovely service this morning. Three of the fellows led the music this morning. They started off with a song from Sing the Journey songbook, "If you believe, and I believe and we together pray..."  It brought back some awesome memories.

This songbook came out just before Hurricaine Katrina and some of our group took copies of the new book with them to Pass Christian, Louisiana where we worked with Mennonite Disaster Service. Singing some of those songs in the evenings brought disparate groups together through our common faith and that was the tune I heard various people humming or singing as they worked.

After church, we headed for Moses Lake, gassed the car, then went to Shari's to join Katherine and Dennis for lunch. As usual, we chatted our way through the meal and would most likely still be talking if we hadn't had an Open House to attend.

Our dear friend Vic turns 96 this week. His daughter Pam put together a cake and coffee party at Monroe House this afternoon to celebrate his birthday. There was a really good turnout, church family and Flying Farmer friends as well as Vic's family. There was lots of good visiting and catching up with people we hadn't seen for some time. It was especially nice to get to visit with Bob and Paula, who we hadn't seen for a couple of years.

It was almost five pm by the time we got back to Auntie Violet. I made a light supper and we lazed the evening away.

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