Thursday, June 23, 2016

Rest & Dinner Out

It was a cloudy damp morning - good sleeping in weather, and we took advantage of it. We had small showers off and on all day. Just enough to leave dusty rain drop marks on the windshield.

We didn't do a whole lot all day. We watched the Mariners continue their free fall as they once more lost by one point in extra innings. Today's starting pitcher didn't even make it to the first inning. He had elbow pain during his warmup and they pulled him! The bullpen has had a tough couple of weeks.

Son Sean has been hinting for several days, so tonight we picked him up and took him out to dinner with us to Gordy's Szechuan. They had smoked bacon with peppers and cabbage as one of the specials tonight - so good! You have to be careful of the dried hot peppers they use to flavor the dish. They warn you about them and provide a little saucer for the half dozen or so that were in our serving.

Daughter MM posted some pictures from the robot underwater competition in NASA in Houston that Grandson Varick's Team Cadmus is participating in. So far they seem to be doing well. They did their formal presentation today - all dressed up in suits and matching neckties (the boys anyway!).

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