Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Another Move

We moved again today. Only halfway around the outside of the campground, but it's almost as much work to move a short distance as it is to go lots of miles. We were ready to go earlier, but the manager came and asked us to wait until they finished spreading new gravel on that side of the park. So we went on in to town to McDonalds for breakfast and then came back to move. They put new gravel down on all the park roads. It sure looks nice.

By the time we finally got moved and rebooked up, it was already noonish and HOT! We are in a site that is a l-o-n-g way from the power box. Forry had pulled as far forward as he possibly could to make sure he could get satellite reception. I used every bit of our fifty amp cord to make the electrical connection - and that cord is heavy to pack!

We took a bit of a break to cool off a bit and I put a load of clothes in the washer dryer. All was fine until it went into the dry cycle. Evidently, the dryer and the air conditioner together draw too many amps for even our fifty amp hookup. (Of course, as hot as it was,  everyone else in the park was probably running their A/C as well.)

By about four o'clock we went back into town to Safeway and loaded up on groceries. It was still extremely hot, even in the store. Even with a couple of frappacinos, we were tired and overheated by the time we got everything stowed away. So help me, tomorrow we are not going to do anything!

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