Monday, June 13, 2016

On the Road Again

Things went fairly smoothly this morning and we were packed up and ready to go by ten. We had said our good-byes last night, but our hearts were sad as we headed out. One thing really nice about the full-time RV life is our ability to visit family and friends in various places. But the flip side is that we always end up having to leave.

It was wonderful to meet - and fall in love with - our little great granddaughter. Kahlyn is quite a little character. She is almost eleven months old and doesn't miss a trick. Of course we just a bit biased, but she is incredibly smart and precocious. She lives with her Mommy, our Granddaughter Havela and Daddy Ben, in Illinois, which is just too far away!

We went north on I-5, turning onto 205, then I-84 to take us along the beautiful Columbia River and the Columbia Gorge to the RV park in Boardman, Oregon. The Boardman Marina RV Park is a new stop for us. We wanted to break the trip back through the Tri-Cities to Spokane into shorter segments, so we wouldn't get quite so tired.

We pulled into Site 48 just about four this afternoon. It's a pull-thru with full hookups. The park had a few open spots when we arrived, but by tonight it was very full. I think we've found another nice place to spend the night!

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