Sunday, June 5, 2016

Another Good Day

It was HOT again today. We went to Salem Mennonite Church this morning where Son-in-law Todd is pastor. The church was quite full as today was ordination day for one of their members who was ordained as a chaplain. It's always fun to sit by Granddaughter Havela and hear her beautiful voice. We got a few snuggles with GGD Kahlyn before she went to the nursery to play with the trucks.

We went back home after church while Dawn and Todd and family attended the potluck at church and then went to a Graduation  Open House for a friend's child. After watching another disappointing Mariners game and a nap, we rejoined the family at their friends' house near Canby. Mark and Hallie had prepared a feast. We had ribs, potatoes, corn on the cob, grilled asparagus and Bolivian tomato salad. So good.

With horses, pot-bellied pigs and dogs, GGD Kahlyn had a ball. For only ten months old, she is extremely agile and active. She takes five to six steps at a time before she tumbles, she'll walk, then drop to hands and knees and just go. She climbs steps and backs back down. She's a very busy little girl! She's fun to watch, but I could use a bit of her energy!

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