Thursday, June 2, 2016

Family Time!

Granddaughter Kyra Anne got out of school early this afternoon and wasn't scheduled to work (She's a supervising lifeguard and teacher at the Croc Community Center pool), so she came over and spent the afternoon with us. So nice. I was able to ascertain just what model she wanted and we ordered the coffee & cappucino maker she wanted for her graduation present.

Turns out Grandson Micah had a band concert tonight. His Dad took him to the band potluck which started at five. Dawn came by after work; we enjoyed guacamole Kyra made as well as some fat marinated shrimp; then Dawn and I went to the concert which started at 7, while Kyra went home for an early bedtime.

The concert actually didn't get started until almost 7:30 (they were giving out awards at the potluck), but it turned out to be well worth waiting for. Micah's freshman band did well, then the rest of the music mostly focused on the graduating seniors. It was very enjoyable.

Dawn dropped me off at home where Forry was still listening to the Mariners game! It had started before we left! The Mariners came back from a ten point deficit and won the game 16-13!!!

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