Saturday, June 25, 2016

Team Cadmus

We've been quite fascinated the last few days with Grandson Varick's adventures with the international submersible robotics at the Houston, Texas NASA center. His 4-H Club, Team Cadmus, won the regional competition and the right to compete with teams from all over the world. The really neat thing for us was the opportunity to watch the competition live through the NASA live internet feed. The team had had trouble with fluctuating current during their first run today, so they were given another mission run.

The live feed had a split screen that allowed us to see the team on the surface as well as their robot working underwater. Each team had fifteen minutes to accomplish their mission tasks. The mission included such things as bringing up and analyzing an oil spill to identify its origin. Unfortunately, they had a camera go out and during their time underwater lost their second camera. (Most likely due to the current issues?) It was quite interesting to watch - and to see the large pool where NASA does weightlessness training.

After the excitement of watching our grandson, we didn't do a whole lot more today. We showered and Forry drained the tanks for the first time without ANY help from me! (I had been doing it since his surgery last summer and the last few times we've done it together.)

I got a nice email today from our friend Marge, approving my decision to go back to a daily blog. She also told me that she and Al have made the decision to move to Monroe House after harvest. If this keeps up, we're going to have all of our Menno Elders living there. That's a good thing.

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