Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Guess Not

I have been told by both my older Sis and my brother and my nieces (via my brother!) that they miss keeping daily track of us. So boring or not, I'll keep posting our activities - or lack thereof.

It was an early morning for us. I had called Forry's dermatologist for his annual review (for farmer's skin carcinomas). They offered two choices for an appointment. We could come in this morning for a very early (7:50 am) or wait until the latter part of July. We elected to take the early appointment, not knowing where we might be in late July. It was a good checkup. He has no new lesions and ones that have been removed look well healed. So, that is one doctor taken care of until next year.

Today was a very pleasant warm day. The fifth wheel that was parked so close to the passenger side of Auntie Violet pulled out this morning, so we have our view back. Sites are very close in this section of the park where you can get satellite reception. Tight or not, these sites are very popular.

We watched the PBS special on polar bears, The Great Polar Bear Feast, tonight. It was a fascinating show.

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