Monday, June 27, 2016

Physical Therapy

We both had appointments with Group Health's Physical Therapy Department today for evaluations. Forry's was first, so I went in with him so I could hear the evaluation and recommendations. We told the receptionist where I was so that in a half hour, my therapist could find me when it was time for my appointment. The message didn't get to her as she was quite relieved when she finally stuck her head in the door... She said she knew I had checked in (they have check-in kiosks that even take your co-pay), but had checked all three waiting rooms before she finally talked to the receptionist.

After all of the testing, they gave me a heat and electrical stimulation treatment on my back. I don't know if it will make any difference, but it sure felt good. The two PTs agreed that we both could benefit from some aquatic exercise. They wanted us to come in to the Y on Friday morning, but that's when Forry has his cardiology appointment, so I guess we'll have to wait until we return to Spokane in mid-July.
They had Forry do some exercises on a recumbent bike that would allow him to get some exercise and build up his endurance without further stressing his back.

We stopped by the Eye department on our way out and discovered the referral had been sent, so I was able to call the Spokane Eye Clinic and get the cataract removal process started. Forry now has an appointment with Dr. Ranson on July 26th.

It sort of looks like a good share of the rest of our summer will be dealing with exercises and eyes...

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