Friday, June 10, 2016

Kyra Graduates!

Today was Graduation Day for our Granddaughter Kyra Anne here in Salem, Oregon. She was one of a class of 400 (though she says they started with 600). The graduation was held at a field house in the fairgrounds. I don't know how many it seated, but it was full.

Kyra and her friend left a little before three along with her bio-grandparents and Granddaughter Havela to save seats for the rest of us. We left at four for a five o'clock ceremony. It's a good thing the others had gone earlier as the stadium was rapidly filling up.

It took over an hour for all of the graduates to parade across the stage to receive their diplomas (at least the covers for them!). The speeches were short and sweet, the air conditioners were working. It was as pleasant a graduation as we've ever attended. With three sets of grandparents, her parents and Sister Havela and Kahlyn, we pretty much filled up a row.

We returned back to the house for the leg of lamb and pork chops that Todd had smoked. As we finished eating, my Sister Roxy and Rich arrived to be here for tomorrow's party. Talking with Brother Pat, we discovered that Nephew Nick was in the ER with possible appendicitis, thereby interrupting Pat and Cindy's trip south!

It was another busy day, but a good one, filled with love and laughter.

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