Saturday, June 4, 2016

Grands and Great-Grands

Granddaughter Havela and Greatgranddaughter Kahlyn flew in from Illinois this evening. When Todd and Dawn asked if I wanted to go along with them to the airport, there was only one possible answer!  Kahlyn was born last summer after Forry's back surgery and there was no way I could leave him to go back for her birth - and there was no way he could travel. So this was my first chance to meet her in person!

Oh, we talk on the phone and she chatters to us on Skype, but it's not quite the same. They had taken the bus from Bloomfield to O'Hare in Chicago this morning. They had a several hour wait for their flight (thanks to TSA), then the long flight out here that arrived a bit after eight this evening. They evidently had a tail wind as the flight was early. They were waiting at the curb when Todd pulled up.

Kahlyn looks so much like her mother did when we met the plane bringing Daughter Dawn and Havela from Bolivia! Her hair is not quite as dark, but she has the same chocolate eyes. I did get a few minutes of holding her before Grandma Dawn snatched her away!

We stopped to feed Havela and Todd supper, then came on to drop me at the RV park and introduce Kahlyn to her Great-grandfather. I don't think she knew quite what to make of the beard...
Havela was exhausted and Kahlyn hadn't slept on the plane, so it was off to bed for both of them.

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