Sunday, March 19, 2017

A Busy Sunday

It's been another busy Sunday - and a sunny one! What a blessing to wake up to sunshine. There was still a very small pile of snow over by the edge of the road near the storage area where the maintenance crew had piled it. But there wasn't a trace of it when we came back home.

We saw a few fishing boats in the water when we headed for church and there were several rigs and empty trailers parked in the Public Fishing Areas. So we know there were boats out on the water we had not spotted as we drove by. The water still must be extremely cold, so the fish are probably pretty good. Unfortunately, I am not fond of eating the critters (too many fish meals as a kids, I suppose).

Sister Roxy and Rich had stopped by Brother Pat and Cindy's in Moses Lake on their way back to Olympia after attending a Memorial Service for one of Rich's friends yesterday in the Tri-Cities. We joined them all for lunch on our way home from church. Niece Becky and David and their family were there as well. Cindy made an interesting - and very good - soup called Lasagna Soup. She descriped it as a "sloppy lasagna."

It was nice enough to sit outside for a bit, but not quite warm enough to eat out there. Great-niece Kiera just did not want to come inside. She's going to have a fun time this summer - and Becky and David are going to have fun keeping up with her!

Cindy has been busily painting the inside rooms in their house. She's planning to use some stencils, especially in their bedroom. It's going to be quite elegant. I can hardly wait to see it when she's finished. My dear brother is NOT allowed to help! (I don't think he's meticulous enough...)

I took three empty five gallon buckets back over to Pat and brought a full bucket of wheat back. I guess we'll keep feeding the quail. While we were at Pat's, we saw the first cock pheasant I have seen in several years strutting across the yard. He's obviously been sharing in the quail's feed as he looked very plump and healthy.

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