Saturday, March 11, 2017


Yesterday felt like Saturday, so today seems like we're doing the day all over again. We've been so busy that it felt good just to stay home and relax. The Mariners Spring Training game in Peoria was televised this afternoon. The "big guns" are at the WBC in Miami, so we got a chance to see some of the new young talent. They did a great job, rallying and playing both great offense and defense.

It was overcast this morning, we had some more rain in the early afternoon, then the sun came out. It was nowhere as nice nor as warm a day as yesterday was. I finally got a shower after the game was over.

I used the pork belly pancetta I got at the Co-op in Mount Vernon to start a pot of potato soup. It was very flavorful when rendered and made a good base with some onions. I still have a pound of their pepper smoked bacon that I will have to find a good use for. It is just too good to use for something that is only mediocre.

I talked a bit on the telephone with Jeanie Hershey. Sounds like at this point, they are enjoying their visit with Menno. If all continues to go well this weekend, we may end up with an interim pastor couple!

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