Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Finally - A Trip to Spokane

The weather and the roads have been so awful this winter, we have stayed pretty close to home. I've been muttering for some time that I needed to restock my meat supply. I have gotten so tired of hearing Forry's chair snap and crackle and pop every time he gets up and down - and it's even worse looking at it. It makes so much noise, it startles the quail outside when he moves.  It's in VERY bad shape. Then there's our shaggy hair...

Yesterday we looked at each other in the midst of our grumbling and decided to go to Spokane. I gave Becky a call at GreatClips to see if she was working today. She said she was, but that she had to leave early, so we made that our first stop. I am impressed by their system. I "checked in" on line when we hit town, therefore she knew we were on our way. They keep track of everything they do and use. For example they knew that they used a number 4 clipper guard on Forry's beard last time. And their prices are extremely reasonable - especially when I compare them to what I've paid Sarah over the years!

Our next stop was at the LZBoy store. Forry went around sitting in various recliners. He found a blue one he liked; we had it sprayed with their Fabric Shield protector; the guys loosely wrapped the two parts in plastic; and loaded them into the back of Toad II. Over the years I've discovered the way to deal with Forry, is not to give him too much time to think. Once he found the chair that fit and felt good and a color he liked, I quickly told the salesman we'd take it. If I don't, he'd start dithering about it. He'd want to go check and see if other stores had anything different. Then he'd wonder if he should get a different kind of chair. In the past, I've gone shopping with him - and with his dear mother - where we've found something they liked and wanted, then have driven around to every possible other store and finally at the end of a long day, ending up back at the first store to buy it.

Finally, we went to Costco. It's been a good three months since we've been there, so needless to say, it was an expensive trip! Tuesday seemed to be a good day to shop at the north Division store. It wasn't terribly crowded, we had no problem finding a parking spot and the lines at the registers were short.

Perhaps the best part of the whole day was going to Gordy's Szechuan for a late lunch/early dinner. They had an interesting special of beef tenderloin with rosemary stir-fry that we shared. It was so good! Of course, we also shared their signature dish of ice cream with the chocolate orange rind sauce.

It had showered off and on all day, but it poured on the way home. It was raining extremely hard with nasty wind gusts. You'd have thought we were over on the coast! There were black, black clouds overhead. I was glad Forry was driving. We finally drove out of the storm on the other side of Ritzville. It must have rained here at home sometime during the day as well, because the lid on the wheat bucket was full of water again.

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