Monday, March 6, 2017

Blah Monday

I was so glad to wake up this morning and realize we did NOT have to go anywhere! And then we got to see all of the pictures and hear all the stories of the snow on the west side of the state. Daughter Dawn sent pictures of their snowy back yard in Oregon with a very confused Sparky (her dog).

We had clouds of various shapes and sizes and colors, but thankfully, no precipitation. It's not as warm as it was last week, but the snow mounds continue to melt.

I washed a load of dress clothes, but my Splendide washer was acting up. Almost acted like the pump was not working right. That's not exactly the way I want to start the week!

Our friends Katherine and Dennis and their son JR are on their way back from a funeral in Lyndon. The DOT has closed the eastbound lanes on Snoqualmie Pass, so they are sitting about a quarter mile from the Summit. The DOT website doesn't say anything about when it might reopen. What probably makes it more frustrating for them is that westbound traffic is still moving...

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