Monday, March 20, 2017

Cloudy Monday

After the beautiful sunny day we had yesterday, it was disappointing to wake up to overcast skies today. Guess we'd better get used to it, the forecast is as gloomy as the weather.

There's a pair of ravens who must be building a good-sized nest over in the mobile home upper portion of the park. They've been flying by steadily the past couple of days with sticks in their beaks.

I took apart the gas stovetop this afternoon to give it a good cleaning. It's always a pain to clean. You can't just wipe it down. You have to take the grids off first. It seems like everything falls under them and sticks.  I collected all of the pot holders and towels and threw them into the washing machine. I got the counter with the Keurig coffeemaker and the electric griddle cleaned as well. Not that any of them needed cleaning...

I noticed this afternoon that when the quail came into feed, it was almost all males. I wonder if maybe the females are all sitting on nests? It would be neat to see little chicks one of these days.

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