Sunday, March 26, 2017

Today is Sunday

Today is Sunday which means we were up early. After our beautiful sunshiny day yesterday, I was disappointed to see cloud cover. The forecast had predicted it wouldn't cloud up and rain again until late this afternoon. Obviously, the storm moved in much more quickly than expected.

We had breakfast, got dressed and headed for Menno. There were more than twenty rigs with trailers in the two Public Fishing Area parking lots. We saw several boatloads of fishermen out on the lake. Most of them were very bundled up.

There was not a lot of traffic on the freeway, but we did see several RVs - going in both directions. From what I am reading on the RV blogs, the northern movement of the Snowbirds has begun. Though I don't think many of them are too anxious to come to this rainy country. I heard on the Seattle news today that the I-5 area has, since October, already gotten more than the year's normal annual rainfall!

Keith Schaffer spoke at Menno today. We have greatly enjoyed having him as an occasional speaker during this period of time we have not had a permanent pastor. He has been a blessing for us - and he has a great sense of humor.

We stopped on the way home and picked up chicken for dinner. Then settled in to watch bull riding on TV. It was hard to stay awake and there may have been a nap or two in there somewhere as well.

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