Friday, March 24, 2017


It was one of those days. We slept in a bit, but not really late. We watched the Mariners win another Spring Training game where Kama pitched a great three innings. Forry drained the tanks. I washed a load of clothes. I scattered wheat for the quail. It was a typical lazy retired folks Friday.

Late in the afternoon we headed in to Moses Lake and to the accountant's office where we signed our income tax forms so that they could be electronically filed. We stopped at the post office to get some mailing envelopes, then picked up a few groceries.

Our last stop was to meet up with Brother Pat and Cindy at Simmer. Simmer was a new restaurant to us, but I'm sure it won't be our last meal there. We started with a delicious crab cake appetizer. The menu is very eclectic and very fresh. Pat had a very tender pork chop; Cindy had prawns and grits; Forry had chicken and waffles; and I had duck breast. Everything was so good!

The restaurant is not very big and it was packed. We saw some good-looking plates going by our table. The service was excellent and friendly. But better than the food, was spending quality time with Pat and Cindy.

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