Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Another Yo-Yo day, overcast and cloudy, then a few glimmers of sunshine, then more clouds and gloom.

We slept in this morning. There's something about this cloudiness that's just not very inspiring.  We spent most of the afternoon watching the Mariners play the Diamondbacks in Spring Training. Felix Hernandez pitched a great two innings. Probably the last we'll see of him until Opening Day. He really looked sharp and ready to go. The game went downhill from there while they kept bringing in the other pitchers who are hoping to be part of the Bullpen. There are still a couple of slots that haven't been solidified.

The clouds moving through came with wind. It was gusty most of the afternoon. I went out to scatter wheat for the quail and the wind did it for me. The doves are also taking advantage of the wheat. There's a pair that hang out in the little tree just for that reason.

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