Wednesday, March 1, 2017

It's Wednesday

And the sun was shining! There were funky little clouds drifting across the sky, but they never amounted to much of anything. It was up in the fifties again and we are seeing more and more patches of green grass out there - and they are getting larger! The piles of snow are getting uglier as the snow melts and gravel and dirt are left behind.

We noticed there is still a great deal of snow on the fields along Road M. There is melt water running down the draws and the ditches along the road. In a few places, where either a culvert was blocked or snow was piled up, it was covering a sizable portion of the road. Many of the gravel roads in both Adams and Grant Counties are closed due to washouts. Tonight when we were coming home, there was no water. When the sun set, the temperature once again dropped below freezing and the thawing stopped.

We went grocery shopping this afternoon. Forry was out of breakfast sandwiches... When we finished we went to Lin's, a Chinese restaurant near the Safeway store. Other than the chow main and the rice, everything was deep fried. The best thing you could say about it was there was a lot of food.

While I went to Bible Study at Monroe House, Forry and Stan went over to the bowling alley for a visit. At least, Forry didn't have to sit in the lobby doing sudoku...

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